A few words from our clients...

I can't begin to tell the staff at Body In Balance how much my membership has meant to me. Each class gives me hope for improvement. I do feel stronger and certainty not as upset about my diagnosis. The future looks a lot brighter because of you and your dedication to helping all of us.


It was quite a surprise to me having been selected for "Member of the Month." However, since joining Body In Balance in August I look forward to my exercise / fitness routine. In the past, I have never followed through or easily lost interest in the various programs. The staff, especially Marlie, is very friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging. Thumbs up to Body In Balance!!


At 85, I feel much younger and can get around easier since you helped me. Thank you so much.

Charles P.

I still feel fabulous! The time and instruction you gave me this morning is going to keep me young while I age! What a blessing you are! You handed me a better quality of life as a gift and I will cherish it. With all my heart I thank you! Because of you I will straighten up, tighten up and strengthen up, feel taller and feel better and look prettier.

Cecelia W.

A brief note to express our sincere "THANKS" for a wonderful evening...generously provided by the Valentines Benefit for Parkinsons...which we hope was a successful venture. From the Pagano Limo Transportation coupled with an exquisite Roberta's three course Dinner and topped off with a glass of Castle Rock Pino - made our evening a great one. All was enjoyed and certainty appreciated. Thanks again!

Marvin & Jill

Thank you very much for the great care you have given to me over these past 8 weeks. I'm not yet where I want to be, but I am so pleased at my progress, all of which is because of you and Caitlin. Your efforts have given me a fantastic start.

Kathleen G.

I extend my deepest appreciation and gratitude for your expertise. You made a difference in me regaining my normal physical functions and i will always remember you for that.


Once again, today you not only encouraged me, but said yes you can to things that in my mind are impossible to do. I'm so encouraged when I leave, because with your guidance, once again, I managed the impossible. I would be remiss if I overlooked the compassion and determination that Marlie's guidance and encouragement gives me. Also Sally, "Miss Neat Nick" for remembering my quirk with the bag, and when I sign in, the welcome I get from Sherrie with her hand out to accept my car keys for safe keeping, and Kathy for keeping track of my expenses. Thank you for being there for me 100%+!

Joan H.

Thanks so much for all that you've done for me throughout my recuperation.


Just wanted to let you know what a great time JoAnn & I had last night. Thanks for the education and insight on Parkinson's Disease. The gratitude on the faces of those affected was a joy to see. Looking forward to next year.

Steve & JoAnn

Thanks again for all the energy you share with Orange, myself, and others at the center who are experiencing life transforming steps through our interaction with you. May you, your family and the center continue to be blessed!

Gloria A.

Ellie, I don't know if I ever thanked you for all you did for my husband Bob when he came there for his physical therapy for Parkinson's. I have never met a nicer group of people in my life. Really. I just wanted to thank you.


A great day in Occupational therapy today! 44 pounds of grip strength in my left arm and 22.6 in my right arm that is a record!! 10 sit and stands. Played 52 pick up and stood the whole time.... BODY IN BALANCE IS THE BEST!!!!!!


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